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Our Services

Marketing Strategies

Depending on the needs of our clients we also offer a full stack marketing and business strategy check. We will examine strengths and weaknesses of the current positioning and help our clients to focus on their main target group. With methods well known from the startup world we work together to improve our clients' setup.

Graphic Design

We work together with highly skilled Graphic Designers to offer a full service when it comes to Graphic Design. MoreMars can assist you in designing brochures and other print media and support you with Illustration. We offer all services you need to present your company in the best way possible. In combination with our expertise in the Real Estate sector this leads to outstanding results. Refer to our projects to see work we have done recently. In our blog you can find more information about Real Estate Marketing.

Real Estate Display

It has unfortunately not been only once that we had to see poorly presented objects. Of course decisions over Real Estate are not solely about the presentation of an object, but it matters. Studies proof that a proper and exclusive presentation of your property, may it be a single flat or an apartment complex, will increase the sales price by up to 20%. We are experts in putting your property in scene. Again, we do not only rely on our own skills,  but work together with experts worldwide to assist our clients to stay at the edge when it comes to Real Estate Display.

Social Media & SEA

Social Media and SEA is one of the strengths we offer our clients. In a world full of media it is important to keep your current customers up to date and on the hook. However, at least as important it is to address the people who are not your customers yet. And these two points is where we assist you with creating a proper marketing strategy for Social Media and Search Engine Advertising. If Google, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter - with our support you will be able to direct more clients to your contents and increase your conversion rates.


Domains are our second passion besides real estate. MoreMars owns numerous outstanding quality domains in various sectors. For a couple of which we are developing our own projects. Others are for sale and we are happy to assist you with more information on the advantages of owning an exact match domain. Please find out more under our domains page.


We help you creating sales leads. In case you are interested in buying sales leads, we do offer them at a competitive rate. Please do not hestitate to get in touch with us. After Sales Marketing is another important aspect that we service. To establich long lasting relationships with your clients requires effort and proper planning. We gladly assist you to create a full servicing strategy.