MoreMars owns over a 100 high quality domains. Below you can find a list of our domains. Please note, that not all of them are for sale, as we are working on our own projects with some of them.

In case of any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.

Only 1% of the world owns a domain

“Only 1 per cent of the population owns a domain name.... I’m betting that there might be interest for 2 or 3 per cent of people to have them. Somebody has to make those names for the residents of the future. There aren’t enough good ones in the spaces that are already held.”
Frank Schilling @ Domain Pulse 2015 in Berlin

…get a head start over classic domain endings.

Sure, you still need a quality website, which people like and want to link to, but you do get a head start compared to the classic domain endings.
Christopher Hofman Laursen in

…profit from a higher weighted exact match domain

Exact Match Domains are in fact weighted higher than an alternative partial match or branded domain.
Konstantinos Zournas in

…catch up with many companies that have already started using new domain endings

Many branded companies have already started opting to use gTLD domain names for SEO advantages
Konstantinos Zournas in

Here is a list of our domains - in case you are interested in renting or buying any of the domains please contact us via


Not convinced yet?

Let us show you a couple of reasons more how you profit from

  • Internationally understandable domain
  • Catchy and memorable
  • High significance
  • Rank higher on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other Search Engines
  • Self-explanatory: what you offer & where you are
  • Perfect brand recognition
  • Get higher attention on the Bangalore Real Estate Market
  • High relevance for Real Estate Searches improves the Click-Through-Rate
  • Trustworthy and attractive



How does payment work?

You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal.
Upon request other payment methods can be agreed upon.
Please understand that Bank Cheques will not be accepted under any circumstances.


How can I be sure this is not any scam?

Every domain has to be officially registered and the holder's information must be publicly available.
This allows interested buyers and authorities to check at any Whois website who the actual owner is.
By entering the domain name, e.g. "", on Whois or any other website offering this service you can see that Mario Eckelhart and Oliver Eckelhart are the legit owners. 


How are domain transfers handled?

We are processing all transactions via and its Domain Transfer Service. This ensures security for both sides.